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Release your potential with PowerTender to


Reduce your cost
– Access more suppliers

Streamline your
business process
– Buy directly from the factory

Enter the global market and
accelerate your growth
– more global business opportunities

This is PowerTender

PowerTender brings together buyers and sellers of power products on a global scale. Our marketplace enables buyers to expand their supplier base and sellers their potential customer base. The marketplace contributes to cost reductions in both the buying and sales processes while increasing efficiency and communication between buyers and sellers.

IEEE Standards
International technology standards & resources from IEEE

IEC Standards
International technology standards & resources from IEC

For buyers

Gain access to all suppliers throughout the world and compare prices, delivery times and benefits via PowerTender. By using PowerTender you can buy directly from factories without intermediaries.


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For sellers

Increase your potential customer base and market with the aid of the PowerTender global network. Joining PowerTender gives your company great opportunities to submit tenders for contracts throughout the world.


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