Unipower has launched its latest module for the smart power quality system – PQ Control.

With PQ Control activated in your Power Quality Surveillance System you simply decide the parameter and limit you wish to use to close or open the selected relay with.

Essentially it means you can decide if a certain load should be, first notified and secondly automatically disconnected, if a certain parameter, i.e. harmonics, flicker, unbalance etc. exceeds the specified limits.

A PQ System from Unipower fulfills all five areas needed to be a complete and reliable partner.

  • PQ Secure – powerful management system which surveys the available base of PQ meters and automatically collects and store all measurement data. PQ Secure alerts the users if any detected disturbance and automatically sends PQ reports in accordance to national, international or customized norms.PQ Secure enable the user to perform detailed analysis of selected parameters in a unique event or evaluation of seasonal trends and statistics from multiple PQ meters and years, all displayed in a few seconds.Furthermore, the user can connect to a unique PQ meter to study real time values or Profile View to study compliance of all PQ meters, in a single window.
  • Power Quality Meter – Unipower supplies the complete range, from hand held portable analyzers to rack or wall mounted PQ meters. The PQ meters are type tested towards IEC 61000-4-30, Class A, which assure the user with compliant and verified data.
  • Data Efficiency – Unipower uses an advanced data compression algorithm which not only assure a reliable collection of data from each PQ meter but also keeps the data growth of SQL data base to a minimum. The result is a superior response time when analyzing data from multiple meters with years of recording.Unipower Cloud and Web services available with client login, removing the server and data base responsibility from the user.
  • Communication – Unipower systems are available for a range of different communication methods to enable the best available communication option at each unique installation. The system also provides support for integration with external systems such as SCADA.
  • User Interface / Support – The combination of a user-friendly software interface, step by step instructions and a professional support calls for an efficient and valuable use of the system.


About Unipower

Originating from an ABB company in the middle 80’s, Unipower has developed a competitive edge within the field of advanced PQ Systems, having today more than 30 Years of service experience from temporarily portable measurements to major systems having hundreds of advanced PQ meters with gapless recording.


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