When ÅF, a large international engineering and design Company, had the mission to help a large industry customer to buy two Ecodesigned 52/12 kV transformers, they also decided to try PowerTender. They uploaded their RFQ to the PowerTender marketplace and immediately reached suppliers all over the world.

“I was surprised with how easy the tool was to use. This was our first time using PowerTender and in less than a workday, we managed to make contact with several global suppliers.”, says Stefan Viktorsson, project manager at ÅF.


Being a relatively small company, entering the global market can be difficult. The power market is traditional and business has been done the same way for a long time. However, with the digital technique constantly developing – new and ground-breaking alternatives to do business appear.

“PowerTender really does broaden the market. The digital marketplace offers us and other smaller companies access to a global market which was previously reserved for larger and already global companies”.

ÅF received several quotations from new suppliers worldwide. By using the selection guide specifying what kind of product they were looking for, the quality of quotes was ensured and all suppliers could deliver the exact product ÅF wished to buy.

“What we really appreciated was the possibility to compare for example prices and delivery times. By doing this, we were able to find the supplier which suited us the best while at the same time establishing connections to other suppliers.

“I have to say that PowerTender is an excellent tool for power product purchases. To be able to manage everything concerning the RFQ in one system is a true advantage. You get a clear overview of everything.”

“We will definitely use PowerTender again”, Stefan Viktorsson concludes. “The tool helped us reach out to suppliers worldwide in a very efficient way.”


About PowerTender:
PowerTender brings together buyers and sellers of power products on a global scale. Our marketplace enables buyers to expand their supplier base and sellers to expand their potential customers base. The marketplace contributes to cost reductions in both the buying and selling processes while increasing efficiency and communication between buyers and sellers.