Why use the PowerTender system?

1. Reduce your direct material cost with 10%* the first year

  • Find new global suppliers
  • Get quotes from all over the world
  • More options will help you negotiate with your current suppliers

* Studies of companies using the PowerTender system during one year show a 10% direct material cost reduction.

2. Increase your SCM efficiency with 50%

  • Reach out to your suppliers in seconds
  • Find new suppliers with just a few clicks

Send the Request For Quotations to your suppliers in seconds.

Invite 5 of your suppliers to join PowerTender and get the first year for free

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Subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Our values

PowerTender is an independent marketplace that upholds the integrity of its customers and can ensure this by maintaining the highest possible security around PowerTender. We operate globally and for us complying with ethical guidelines is a given.

This forms the basis of the core values held by PowerTender:

  • Integrity
  • Security
  • Ethics

The Powertender-tool was intuitive and easy to understand.

Marcus Hellmer

Agent for Koncar, Helmerverken Holding