What advantages does PowerTender offer me as a buyer in the buying process?

As a buyer of power products you gain access to an extensive global network of suppliers of power products and with just a few clicks your request for tenders can be shared across the entire network in an instant. You can even use PowerTender’s selection guide at product level to specify your technical requirements and thereby increase quality and avoid incorrect or incomplete tenders from suppliers. You can also optimise your purchasing process work by providing several users at your company with access to the online tool, thereby ensuring that your company always has control over the status of your requests for tenders.

Moreover, you can compare the prices and delivery times offered by your suppliers in a highly efficient and straightforward manner.

As a buyer you are also able to take a closer look at the suppliers who respond to your requests for tenders by visiting their profiles.

The PowerTender tool enables you to easily retrieve statistics on the prices offered by different suppliers as well.

What advantages does PowerTender offer me as a seller in the sales process?

As a seller of power products you have a unique opportunity to gain access to global requests for tenders within the power industry. Your company receives its requests for tenders directly online via PowerTender. With PowerTender’s selection guide you can quickly and very efficiently determine the customer’s needs. This increases your ability to offer the customer the correct solution. PowerTender offers you excellent opportunities to create growth without the need to increase your sales and marketing costs. Since PowerTender is an online tool you can easily gain an overview of which part of your organisation is handling the request for tenders.

PowerTender gives you full control over the global business opportunities your company can leverage. As a seller of products who has joined PowerTender you can also profile your company as a supplier via “Your page”, where you can build up your brand with references, quality certificates, products and so on.

The PowerTender tool enables you to easily monitor and gain a better understanding of the market for your particular product.

Is PowerTender an e-bidding system?

PowerTender is a tool that helps buyers find sellers of power products throughout the world via PowerTender’s network. PowerTender is used as a tendering portal where buyers publish their requests for tenders for either specially selected suppliers or the entire network. Each seller can then choose to bid on the request for tenders and the buyer can manage all tenders via PowerTender.

Is PowerTender a global tool?

PowerTender is a global tool that all buyers and sellers of power products in the world can join to make use of the PowerTender global network.

How do I join the PowerTender global network?

Your company can sign up for PowerTender’s services by following the “Join” link at powertender.com.

There you enter your company details and select which PowerTender services you want to use. You will be registered as soon as your details have been validated and approved by PowerTender.

Can PowerTender be used as a tendering tool in sectors other than the power industry?

No, PowerTender is only intended for the power industry to ensure that the tool and service offer the highest possible integrity, quality and efficiency.

How does PowerTender’s selection guide work?

PowerTender’s selection guide is based on industry standards and enables buyers to specify their requirements for different products, thereby optimising both the tendering process and the quality of the suppliers’ tenders.

If as a seller I need to contact the buyer, can I easily do so via PowerTender?

When a buyer publishes a request for tenders, a chat function is also created on the website where you as a seller can ask direct questions about the request online. The buyer can then choose to answer all sellers who have opened the request or only the seller posting the question.

This optimises communication between buyer and seller and reduces the risk of misunderstandings in the tendering process.