Global tenders

PowerTender is a global cloud-based marketplace for power products.

Reduced costs and increased growth

PowerTender is a global network for the power industry that enables your company to reduce its costs and increase its growth.

PowerTender brings together buyers and sellers of power products on a global scale. Our marketplace enables buyers to expand their supplier base and sellers their potential customer base. The marketplace contributes to cost reductions in both the buying and sales processes while increasing efficiency and communication between buyers and sellers.


PowerTender is an independent marketplace, and all companies within the power industry and their different brands are welcome to join. PowerTender prioritises the security and integrity of all of its customers. PowerTender contributes to a global market without antitrust violations and corruption.

Simplicity and security

With PowerTender we can offer our customers a simple and secure way to sell and procure products and services.


A larger supplier base:
Discover new suppliers in the market with the help of the global connections offered by PowerTender.

Cost savings:
Gain access to all suppliers throughout the world and compare prices, delivery times and benefits via PowerTender. By using PowerTender you can buy directly from factories without intermediaries.

Effective and quality-assured tendering process:
Simplify your tendering process by using a single channel to reach the market. Choose which suppliers you want to receive your request for tenders or use the entire network at PowerTender. Create a well-specified product request to avoid incomplete responses from suppliers, thereby securing the quality of both your request and the tenders you receive.


A larger market:
Increase your potential customer base and market with the aid of the PowerTender global network.

Joining PowerTender gives your company great opportunities to submit tenders for contracts throughout the world.

Cost savings and optimisation:
Your company gains access to global business opportunities via PowerTender and by using our marketplace you substantially increase your growth opportunities.

You avoid increased sales and marketing costs by increasing your access to the global market with PowerTender’s digital marketplace. By using PowerTender your company avoids intermediaries and increases its transparency to customers, thereby benefiting from a tendering process of increased efficiency and quality.

Increase your company’s visibility:
Using PowerTender increases your global visibility.

Our values

PowerTender is an independent marketplace that upholds the integrity of its customers and can ensure this by maintaining the highest possible security around PowerTender. We operate globally and for us complying with ethical guidelines is a given.

This forms the basis of the core values held by PowerTender:

  • Integrity
  • Security
  • Ethics

The Powertender-tool was intuitive and easy to understand.

Marcus Hellmer

Agent for Koncar, Helmerverken Holding