Market Insight

Investment Conundrum

Author: Neeraj Kaul As part of our engagement via this newsletter and in light of challenges traditional utilities are facing regarding profitability, I feel it appropriate and timely perhaps to steer discussion around drivers for investment in the T&D...

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Digital market for Power Products & Services

The business environment around us  is changing very fast,  at  a pace which until  a  few  years ago was impossible to imagine. The digital ‘tsunami’, if I may use this word, has a potential to dismantle years of established  business models, which, to...

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Equipment for solar energy now available on PowerTender

It is very important to us that PowerTender contributes to a better world. Therefore we have made the strategic decision to include all available equipment for solar energy into the marketplace. Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on earth – 173.000...

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