A New Way of Doing Business

Large investments in utility, infrastructure and industry sectors in the Southeast Asia region result in electrical business growing quickly. As an example, since 2014 Indonesia has started thirty-five gigawatt projects to achieve a new electrical environment.

However, many IPPs, EPCs and suppliers located both locally and overseas have been involved but could not capture any business in these power plant and transmission projects. From the other perspective, buyers require an efficient way to identify the most competitive product using the least amount of time and effort.

With its safe, dependable and easy to use system, PowerTender speeds up the tendering and procurement process while lowering costs, increasing efficiency and improving communication between buyers and sellers.

Since the beginning of 2018, PowerTender has been introduced to end clients and EPCs in Indonesia and a number of them have actively published tenders on the digital marketplace.

PowerTender is glad to welcome the below companies. We will be responsive to your suggestions for improving the system in order to meet your demands and we do it within the local business culture.

Welcome to a new way of doing business!
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