Carl-Johan Linér, Chairman of PowerTender, was one of the main speaker at the Substation Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Technology Forum & 4th EPTC T&D Annual Meeting held in Nanjing, China, Nov.2 to 3, 2017.

More than 300 experts and scholars, managerial in Power T&D Field participated in the meeting. The participants work for China Electricity Council (CEC), SGCC, CSG, Inner Mongolia Power(Group) Co.,Ltd, ShanXi Regional Electric Power (Group) Co.,Ltd., Provincial (Municipal) states, Power Science & Research Institutes, and Power Equipment Manufacturers, etc.

In the afternoon Nov.2, Mr. Liu Qingshi, Director of Intelligent Dept. of Smart Grid Office, SGCC Beijing; Mr. Shang Shaobo, Deputy Director of Operation and Maintenance Dept, Branch Inspection, SGCC Jiangsu; Mr. Yang Yi, Head of Grid Technology Center, Research Institute, SGCC Jiangsu; Mr. He Wenlin, Head of Assessment Center, Research Institute, SGCC Zhejiang; Mrs. Li Li, from Research Institute, SGCC Shandong, and Mr. Carl-Johan Liner, Chairman of PowerTender, made their topic speeches to all participants. Among them, Li Li introduced robotic situation in major countries overseas like Japan, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand and the United States, and Carl-Johan Liner analysed and predicted the global marketing demands of power equipment.”

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EPTC stands for Electric Power Technology Collaboration of China.