Our commitment to your security and privacy
A wide range of security measures are taken to protect your personal information and transactions:

  • data encryption
  • firewalls
  • automatic timeouts
  • one-time access links that expires within hours.

Hence, when adding information to our site, you can be assured that the information will only be disclosed to selected members of the site.

The servers are protected by SSL certificates issued by a top-ranking Certification Authority.


PowerTender will never ask for your account details or password to be disclosed via a link in an email.
If you receive an email of this nature, disregard it, contact us immediately and forward a copy of the email to us.

The only personal sensitive information handled are passwords. These are protected by a salted one-way hashing algorithm.
Documents placed at our site are stored encrypted and can only be accessed through our secure servers.

Protection and security of your information, transaction data and privacy are paramount when you do business with us.